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Little Steps
Is a very popular beginner dance program for ages 3-4. It focuses on ballet basics, musicality, body awareness and creative movement. It is a fun and energetic half an hour dance class that your little dancer will LOVE!

Classes are available for ages 5 and up. Dancers are taught the Royal Academy of Dance method of ballet training. Examinations are available, though the standards involved with examinations are extremely high and are under the advisement and invitation of the director only. The Royal Academy of Dance is internationally recognized and provides excellent training for the recreational or competitive dancer.

Dancers wishing to enroll in our Pointe program must meet certain standards in strength and technique and have the approval of the director.

Classes are available for ages 5 and up. Dancers are taught the most contemporary styles, such as modern, lyrical and stylist jazz. Our syllabus is designed to promote a deep understanding and execution of proper technique, along with alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination and musicality. This program is geared towards working on moderate to complex step patterns, progressions and creative style.

Classes are available for ages 9 and up; to our intermediate and advanced dancers, and those with previous formal dance training. Modern mixes elements of ballet and jazz, but is less concentrated of classical techniques; instead it uses techniques based on principles of fall and recover (gravity) and of contraction and release (breathing); encouraging movements to have a more emotional intensity and connection. Dancers in contemporary classes must come from a strong ballet or jazz background.

Hip Hop Classes are available for ages 9 and up. Dancers are challenged throughout a wide range of styles including breaking, locking, popping and freestyle. Hip Hop is an ever changing genre that encourages attitude, confidence, style and performance.

Classes are available for ages 5 and up. Dancers are challenged to hear and produce simple to complex rhythm patterns according to their skill level. Our Tap programs follow a traditional Broadway style, to a combination of traditional tap and street tap, which incorporates an urban funk inspired style. This is a high-energy class, in a safe and fun environment where we encourage and challenge each other to reach new levels of dance and fitness week, after week, after week.

Classes are available for ages 9 and up. Acrobatic Dance and Circus Arts are a unique twist on the usual styles of dance. Acrobatic Dance, as both an athletic sport and a performing art, offers a dazzling array of unique skills and personalities to the audience. The most visible display of Acro can currently be seen in the world famous Cirque du Soleil.

Musical Theatre
Classes are available for ages 9 and up. This is a great class for dancers of all levels. Dancers will learn to perform basic dance technique while singing and acting. This class will take you on an exciting musical theatre journey that will introduce to all the joy of song, dance and theatrics!

***Previous experience does not automatically guarantee your level of placement. Students will be placed according to ability, and at the discretion of the director. I look for several things in determining the placement for each student; including sound technical understanding, comprehension of specific concepts and a strong level of confidence in dancing.

All dancers must have proper dance attire, including shoes. Our studio provides you with the opportunity to purchase dancewear through our suppliers.

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