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Atyeo's Dancers Join the Professional World of Dance!

Regan Baird, at age 3, began her first year at Atyeo's Dance Studio in 2008 in our Little Steps program

Dancers Join Image 9Dancers Join Image 10Regan has been accepted into the Undergraduate Program of Dance (Bachelor of Fine Arts) offered at York University!

At York, dancers will jump into choreography, performance, and teaching to become a community-minded dancer trained in modern, contemporary, and global forms. Grow outside the classroom with year-round performance opportunities, industry placements and collaborative research projects to become a dance leader and advocate of today and tomorrow.

Students in the Dance (BFA, BA) program take a common first year, then branch into one of two streams: the Choreography/Performance stream; or the Dance Education stream.

Regan started dancing at our studio the very first year we opened. To train such a dedicated and determined dancer throughout the years has been an absolute honor. From training, teaching and developing her own style, Regan has been a remarkable dancer and staff member. She always strives to be her best self; in and out of the studio. She is completely driven and hard-working and we cannot wait to hear about all her successes at York!

Gracie Callaghan, began her first year at Atyeo's Dance Studio in 2013 in our Little Steps program.

Dancers Join Image 7Dancers Join Image 87 years later, she received her first acceptance in the Quinte Ballet School of Canada (Belleville) Summer Dance Intensive program, for the Professional Division. Gracie attended this program remotely (due to COVID) and looks forward to more opportunities in dance!

Gracie is the 4th dancer from our studio to receive acceptance at the professional level. What a wonderful opportunity for such a kind-hearted, hard working and talented dancer! We are full of joy for you!

Clara Biernacki, at age 15, was invited to join the Alberta Ballet School’s Professional Division!

Dancers Join Image 1Dancers Join Image 2Clara was accepted to the Alberta Ballet School, located in downtown Calgary, for a summer intensive in July. It is an experienced, national school facility, with guest teachers and professional dancers from the Alberta Ballet Company. Clara danced approximately 35 hours a week. Her classes included Ballet Technique, Pointe Work, Pas de Deux, Repertoire, Contemporary and Modern Dance, Character Dance, Flamenco and Body Conditioning. The educators provided mentorship and instruction, allowing students to reach their highest, artistic potential.

The artistic faculty assessed how students performed in class, reacted to corrections and adapted to the professional environment. Clara was notified of her status to the full-year Professional Division program in mid-July. Clara will be spending an entire school year at the Alberta Ballet School, receiving a harmonious balance of academic and artistic training, provided to young dancers who aspire for a career in professional dance!

Clara has always been dedicated to her training and has experienced some amazing dance opportunities. She is continuously recognized for her dance technique, quality of movement and artistry. When you put in the work, you can achieve the rewards! We are extremely proud of Clara and can’t wait to hear about experience and future success!

Clara Biernacki has recently graduated from the Alberta Ballet School and has been accepted at the Ecole de Danse Contemporaine de Montreal program! The School's specific approach is defined as the encounter of two essential components of the dance artist: the in-depth search for his own creative uniqueness, in concert with the conquest of the dancer's rigorous technique. This technique is acquired through the understanding of the body and an intense and disciplined work with masters with complementary visions. Reflection on art, the gestures we take and their scope is also an essential axis of training. The objective of the School is to bring each individual to his full artistic and technical development, that is to say to the threshold of entry into the labour market.

Skyler Anthony, at age 19, applied to the Royal Academy of Dance to become a Registered Ballet Teacher!

Dancers Join Image 3Dancers Join Image 4The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the world's most influential dance education organisations, and started life in 1920 as the Association of Teachers of Operatic Dancing in Great Britain.

Now in their 99th year, it continues to promote and develop excellence in dance. Its syllabi are taught around the world and thousands of students are enrolled in many dance courses and study programmes. Alumni have gone on to work with the most prestigious dance companies and to become the best teachers. And, as part of their social responsibility remit, they continue to bring dance into a growing range of communities and schools. Their exams set standards in classical ballet and they are a global leader in Continuing Professional Development for dance.

You don’t just want a good teacher; you want the best! By choosing a Registered Teacher with the RAD, you are choosing quality, safety and professionalism.

Not only has Skyler been an accomplished dancer at our studio, she has also been an amazing student teacher for many years. We are so happy she is pursuing a professional teaching career in dance! She continues to inspire those around her; through her dedication, passion, work ethic and creativity! We are honoured to have Miss Skyler teaching at our studio!

Skylar Reed, at age 18, accepted a position with SQX Dance Company as a professional dance apprentice and trained, taught and performed all throughout Western Canada.

Dancers Join Image 5Dancers Join Image 6SQx Apprentices have the opportunity to share and expand skills and knowledge within a professional performance tour context. This program motivates dancers to develop their artistry in a professional context and prepares them for employment and performance opportunities within their company. This apprenticeship gives pre-professional and professional artists the opportunity to share and expand skills and knowledge within a professional performance tour context. In practice, this means that after intense training, apprentices having an understanding about what it is like to be in a dance company–within a gentle setting that does not entail the full responsibilities of a professional artist, but with professional artists as mentors.

SQX is known for their European-styled contemporary dance, acrobatics, and sport. Their professionals perform & teach cutting-edge dance technique & style; offering an extremely athletic and dynamic approach to movement which requires a sophisticated ability to move in and out of the floor seamlessly.

Skylar has traveled to many places; more recently Europe, on a 2nd tour with SQx. She is looking forward to a teaching position within their company, however, her trip back to join SQx is on hold as she recovers from an injury. She is doing well and will be joining them soon! We love hearing about all her adventures and look forward to her visits! You make us so proud!

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